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Hi im Tom,
I am a audio engineer based in Heerhugowaard (the Netherlands).
My speciaices are: Theater and Film.
In 2016 i finished my education as audio engineer.
I have been active in theatre as FOH and wireless tech ever since, and have been part of lots of shows big and small.
In 2019 i got involved with on set sound and have since been collecting my own gear and doing small to medium sized film productions as well.

picture of me.


- Hair the musical - Wireless tech

- The girl fom yde - FOH tech

- Cinderella the musical - FOH tech

- Ariel the musical - FOH tech

- Chimeré short - Sound recorder

- loverboy Amsterdam - Sound recorder

- Hanging aroun isn't going to make anything hapen
short - Sound recorder

The Gear

Sound-devices Mixpre 6

Sound-devices are well known for their high quality recorders. Dont let sudden outbursts of emotion get ruind by less then ideal recording gear. that is why i thrust Sound-devices, to capture everyting, even the unexpected


DPA 4017B

DPA microphones good enough to send to Mars. Only the best microphones are capable op capturing the essence of dialouge. that is why i choose DPA

dpa microphone

Senheiser G-4

When you just cant get the boom in, i relay on the robust wireless systems of Shenheiser to get the job done

Wireless pack's


Tom Haaima